Scholarship / Endowment

Scholarship Criteria For Students

Agarsen College is dedicated to providing educational opportunities to all students, recognizing that financial constraints should not be a barrier to accessing quality education. The college's scholarship programs are designed to assist students from various backgrounds to achieve their academic and professional ambitions, fostering a diverse and talented student community.

Students interested in applying for scholarships are encouraged to engage with the Public Relations Office within the designated office hours of 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The staff will offer comprehensive guidance on the scholarship application process, clarify eligibility requirements, and help students understand the financial support options available to them.

Here is the updated scholarship table:

Scholarship Type Details Amount Eligibility Criteria
Meritorious Scholarship (1st Semester Tuition Fee) Scholarship percentage based on marks obtained in +2 exams: 60-75% - 20% concession, 76-85% - 25% concession, 86% and above - 30% concession Varies Marks in +2 exams
Management Scholarship Awarded on a merit basis for students without arrears and with good conduct and character Decided by Management No arrears (passed in first attempt), Good conduct and character)
Sports Scholarship Special scholarship for students excelling in sports at the State/National level Up to Rs. 6000/year Excellence in sports at State/National level
PG Students Scholarship For students who have completed UG and are continuing their PG at Agarsen College Rs. 1000/semester Completed UG and continuing PG at Agarsen College
Free Education Scholarship by University of Madras Students selected under this scheme will receive free admission and are exempted from the tuition fee Full exemption from tuition fee Selected under the scheme by University of Madras
Concession for Girl Students Specific concession for female students Rs. 1000/semester Girl students
Endowment Scholarship for Rank Holders Awarded yearly to rank holders Not Specified Rank holders
Government Scholarship For SC/ST & Minority Students under the Central Sector scheme As per Central Sector scheme SC/ST & Minority Students
Additional Scholarship for Meritorious Students Additional aid for meritorious students Not Specified Meritorious Students

Endowment For Students

Endowment Scholarships offered by Agarwal Relief Educational Trust, JHA Agarsen College, University Of Madras (Fee Educational Scholarship) Government Scholarship Available (SC/ST/ Minority/ Central Sector):

Endowment Prize
Sangthi Charitable Trust Endowment 1st Rank in B.C.A.
Pyarelal Gupta Endowment 1st Rank in English
Lakshmi Pressings Pvt. Ltd. Endowment 1st Rank in B.Sc. (CS)
D.J. Agarwal Foundation Endowment 1st Rank in B.Com (General)
Ramratan Sajjan Kumar Rungta Endowment Proficiency Medal for the Best Student
O. P. Modi Endowment Best Sports Student
Basudev Gupta Endowment 100% Optimum Attendance holder
Savitri Babulal Goenka Endowment 1st Rank in B.Com.(CS)
N. K. Singla Endowment 1st Rank in B.B.A.

Endowment For Staff

Endowment Prize
Sri Parmahansa Yogananda Endowment Best Teacher