Career Development Centre

The Placement Cell at Agarsen is pivotal in steering the students towards their career objectives. This centre orchestrates training sessions through the expertise of industry professionals, alumni, and corporate trainers to ensure students are well-prepared for the industry demands. It partners with leading organisations from various sectors to offer job opportunities on campus. As students thrive in their professional journeys, Agarsen consistently remains a preferred destination for corporations in search of top talent.

Functions of the cell

  • To motivate students to develop Technical knowledge and soft skills in terms of career planning, and goal setting.

  • To motivate students to aspire for higher studies and guide them to take competitive exams such as UPSC, SSC, IBPS, TNPSC, etc.

  • Aiming to Place the maximum number of students through campus & off-campus interviews conducted by the top companies.

  • Provide career guidance through experts in order to facilitate campus recruitment.

  • Guide and help students to find a better placement that best suits their career goals.

  • Arranging of job fairs on a regular basis.

  • Developing the students to meet the industry standard recruitment process.

Career Development Programs


  • Personality Development Program
  • Communication Skills Program
  • Group Discussion Practice
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • Conducting Industry to Institute Convergence expert interaction sessions
  • Public Sector Competitive Exams Training
  • Industry Internship Programs

During the last academic year, placement has been provided by various companies to 230 candidates, some of which are listed below:

Top Companies Visiting Agarsen

Pre-Placement Training and Interview Preparation

At Agarsen College, our Placement Cell is dedicated to empowering students with comprehensive pre-placement training and interview preparation, ensuring they are primed for success in the competitive job market. Tailored training programs, workshops led by industry experts, and practical sessions including mock interviews and group discussions, are at the heart of our strategy. We offer personalized feedback, mentorship, and continuous guidance in resume building and job search strategies, all designed to enhance both technical and soft skills. This holistic approach ensures our students not only excel in securing their desired positions but are also well-prepared for the professional challenges ahead, embodying our commitment to their long-term career development and success.

Our Placement Successes

At Agarsen College, we pride ourselves on our robust Placement Cell, a cornerstone of our commitment to student success beyond the classroom. Our comprehensive approach to career development is designed to not only match students with their ideal job opportunities but also to equip them with the skills necessary to excel in the competitive job market.

Industry-Aligned Training: Our curriculum is meticulously crafted in consultation with industry experts to ensure relevance and rigor. Specialized training programs, workshops, and seminars led by seasoned professionals and distinguished alumni are regular features, preparing our students with the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required in their chosen fields.

Strategic Partnerships: We have forged strong relationships with a wide array of leading companies across various sectors, including technology, finance, healthcare, and more. These partnerships facilitate direct access to internships and placement opportunities, ensuring our students are exposed to the latest industry trends and practices.

Personalized Career Guidance: Each student receives individualized career counseling to help identify their strengths, interests, and career aspirations. Our dedicated team of career advisors works closely with students to refine their resumes, enhance their interview skills, and develop effective job search strategies.

Placement Highlights:

  • High Placement Rate: Year after year, Agarsen College boasts an impressive placement record, with a significant percentage of our students securing positions in top-tier companies.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Our students have been placed in a variety of roles across multiple industries, showcasing the adaptability and broad skill set they have acquired during their time at Agarsen.
  • Alumni Network: Our extensive network of successful alumni provides mentorship and networking opportunities, further enhancing the placement prospects for our students.

Success Stories: We celebrate the achievements of our students and alumni who have gone on to achieve remarkable success in their careers. From innovative startups to leading multinational corporations, our alumni are making their mark on the world, and their stories serve as inspiration for current and future students.

Commitment to Excellence: At Agarsen College, we are committed to continuous improvement of our placement processes and outcomes. We actively seek feedback from both students and recruiters to enhance our programs and services, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of career development and placement success.

Join us at Agarsen College, where your career development is our top priority. Explore the possibilities, achieve your dreams, and become part of our ongoing story of success.

Naan Mudhalvan

Naan Mudhalvan platform aims to provide dynamic information for college students on courses and relevant information about industry specific skill offerings. This will enable the students of Tamil Nadu to get training in their chosen field of interest that will help them in achieving their career goals.

The objective of this scheme is to identify potential training providers, to impart various skill trainings based on current industry gaps.
Through this flagship program the students will be able to get trained and ensure they get jobs according to their skill sets. We will also offer career and academic guidance to students in state educational institutions.

Naan Mudhalvan showcases 2000+ institutes and consequent 300+ career pathways.

JHA Agarsen College being a part of this scheme benefits the students with:

  • Partnership with Reputed Technology Organizations for skilling programs
  • Subsidized rates for Technical Certifications
  • Highly valued Faculty Development Programs that will enable them to be at par with the industry
  • Hosting Skilling Initiatives on their campus
  • Opportunity to search for jobs from highly reputed institutions
  • Chance to participate in placements

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