B.Sc (Criminology and Criminal Justice Science)

B.Sc (Criminology and Criminal Justice Science)

About the course

B.Sc (Criminology and Criminal Justice Science) at Agarsen College is an undergraduate program that focuses on the study of criminal behavior, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system. The program aims to equip students with knowledge of criminological theories, policing practices, and the legal aspects of criminal justice.

Course Outcomes

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of criminology and the justice system.
  • Analyze various laws related to crime and criminal procedures in India.
  • Apply psychological principles to understand crime and delinquency.
  • Manage community policing and comprehend human rights issues.
  • Conduct research in criminology and criminal justice.

Careers Related to the Course in India

Graduates can pursue careers in various sectors including:

  • Police Officer: Working in various capacities within the police force.
  • Crime Analyst: Analyzing crime patterns and trends to assist in crime prevention and strategy.
  • Forensic Investigator: Examining crime scenes and gathering evidence.
  • Legal Advisor: Providing legal guidance within the criminal justice system.
  • Correctional Officer: Managing correctional facilities and rehabilitation programs.
  • Private Detective: Conducting private investigations for individuals or organizations.
  • Community Service Coordinator: Working with communities to address crime and safety concerns.

Semester-wise Subjects

Semester Subjects
First Language - I, English - I, Fundamentals of Criminology, Criminal Justice System, Society and Social Problems, Basic Tamil/Adv.Tamil/NME, Soft Skills-I
Second Language - II, English - II, Major Laws, Psychology of Crime and Delinquency, Abnormal Psychology, Basic Tamil/Adv.Tamil/NME, Soft Skills-II
Third Language - III, English - III, Police Administration & Police Station Management, Introduction to Human Rights, Community Policing, Environmental Studies, Soft Skill - III
Fourth Language - IV, English - IV, Introduction to Forensic Science, Contemporary Forms of Crime, Comparative Studies in Crime & Criminal Justice, Crowd Control & Riot Management, Environmental Studies, Soft Skill - IV
Fifth Basics of Research Methods, Statistics and Computer Application, Penology and Correctional Administration, Juvenile Justice, Environmental Crime, Cyber Crime, Value Education
Sixth Private Detective and Security Management, Victimology, Dissertation, Counselling and Guidance, Extension Activities

Field Visits: