Alumni Association

Agarsen College has been functioning for the last ten years rendering excellent services to the students of backward area around Madhavaram . We have established a formal organization exclusively for the Alumni of this college to strengthen the relationships with and among all our graduates, former students and friends.

Events and activities are held to develop the personal and professional networking among alumni friends and colleagues and to promote and represent Agarsen.

Agarsen alumni members will accomplish two important aims. First, to strengthen professional and personal networks and links among alumni; and second, to support the College by helping to advise and recruit prospective students, serving as contacts for careers advice and general information and supporting and promoting the College generally.

Notable Alumni

Goals of Alumni Association

  • To promote lasting ties between the alumni and Agarsen College.
  • To provide alumni with enjoyable social occasions, professional networking and intellectual stimulation.
  • To create opportunities for volunteer activity to benefit both the individual and Agarsen.
  • To support Agarsen College objectives.
  • To enhance and promote the awareness of Agarsen in the community.


  • Support recently returned alumni in terms of cultural re-entry and networking for work.
  • Welcome new alumni to the network.
  • Plan and organize social events exclusively for the alumni.
  • Visit campus to meet the next set of graduates to discuss career matters.
  • Sponsor seminars and conferences on professional issues.
  • Plan professional networking events to allow members to meet for job networking as well as business exchange and development.