Bachelor of Commerce (Information System Management)

Bachelor of Commerce (Information System Management)

About the course

B.Com. in Information System Management is designed to integrate business principles with information technology. This program equips students with the knowledge to manage business information systems, understand economic principles, and develop computing skills applicable to various business contexts.

Course Outcomes

Graduates of the B.Com. [Information System Management] program will be able to:

  • Apply accounting principles and manage financial data using information systems.
  • Understand and analyze economic trends affecting business decisions.
  • Develop programming skills in languages such as Java and Python.
  • Utilize business analytics and spreadsheet accounting to inform strategic decisions.
  • Manage software projects and understand the principles of e-commerce.

Careers Related to the Course in India

Graduates are well-prepared for careers such as:

  • Business Analyst: Analyzing business processes and recommending technology solutions.
  • Systems Analyst: Designing or modifying business systems.
  • IT Consultant: Advising businesses on the effective use of information technology.
  • Financial Analyst: Using information systems for financial planning and analysis.
  • Database Administrator: Overseeing the management of business databases.
  • Project Manager: Managing IT and software development projects.

Semester-wise Subjects

Semester Subjects
First Tamil I, English I, Financial Accounting, Internet-of-Things, Business Economics, Soft Skill-I, NME-Industrial Economics
Second Tamil II, English II, Advanced Financial Accounting, Object-Oriented Programming using C++, Indian Economy, Soft Skill-II, NME-Basics of Capital Market
Third Computerized Accounting, Data Structure, Banking Theory Law and Practice, Java Programming Theory and Practical, Business Statistics, Soft Skill-Computing Skill Level-I
Fourth MIS, Principles of Management, Financial Services, Python Programming, Elements of Operations Research, Soft Skill-Computing Skill Level-II, Environmental Studies
Fifth Financial Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Spreadsheet Accounting, Business Analytics, Elements of Portfolio Management, Value Education
Sixth Management Accounting, Software Project Management, Entrepreneurial Development, E-Commerce, Project Work, Extension Activity