B.A. (Defence & Strategic Studies)

B.A. (Defence & Strategic Studies)

About the course

Agarsen College's B.A. in Defence & Strategic Studies is an academic program focused on the study of national and international security, military history, and strategic thought. It is designed for students interested in careers related to defence, security analysis, and strategic policy-making.

Course Outcomes

Graduates of the B.A. [Defence & Strategic Studies] program will be able to:

  • Understand and analyze the strategic dimensions of national and international security.
  • Examine the historical contexts of warfare in India and globally.
  • Evaluate the principles of economics as they pertain to national defence and security.
  • Discuss and criticize the various elements of national security, military operations, and nuclear strategy.

Careers Related to the Course in India

Graduates can pursue careers in various sectors including:

  • Security Analysis: Assessing threats and developing security strategies.
  • Defence Journalism: Covering military affairs and conflicts for media outlets.
  • Policy-making: Contributing to defence policy and strategic planning in government.
  • Armed Forces: Various roles within the Indian Army, Navy, or Air Force.
  • International Relations: Roles in diplomacy, intelligence, and international organizations focused on security.

Semester-wise Subjects

Semester Subjects
First Language - I, English - I, Strategic Study of India, Fundamentals of War & Peace, Political Science - An Introduction, Soft Skill-I: Basic Tamil/Adv. Tamil/NME
Second Language - II, English - II, Art of Warfare in India [Upto 1947], World Military History, Political Science - An Introduction II, Soft Skill-II: Basic Tamil/Adv. Tamil/NME
Third Language - III, English - III, Elements of National Security, International Relations, Principals of Economics-I, Soft Skill III, Environmental Studies
Fourth Language - IV, English - IV, Military Geography & Geo-Politics, International Organizations, Principals of Economics-II, Soft Skill IV, Environmental Studies
Fifth National Security of India, Science, Technology & National Security, Basic of Defence Economics, Defence Mechanism of India, Fundamentals of Defence Journalism, Value Education
Sixth Elementary Strategic Thought, Indian Military Operations [Since 1947], Nuclear Strategy & Arms Control, World Conflicts since World War II, Principles of Defence Management, Extension Activities

Field Visits: