Vision of the Department

“Educate Students to have an outstanding knowledge of computing and enable them to lead through their careers”

Mission of the Department

“To provide high quality education beyonds the bachelors degree in special areas of computer applications”


I              Tamil/ Other languages

II            English

III           Core I : Problem Solving using Python

III           Practical I: Problem Solving using Python

III           Allied I: Mathematics

IV           Basic Tamil/Advanced Tamil/Non Major Elective

IV           Soft Skill I

I        Tamil/ Other languages

II       English – II

III      Core II :Object Oriented Programming Concepts using C ++

III      Practical II : C++ programming Lab

 III     Allied II: Mathematics II

 IV     Basic Tamil/Advanced Tamil/Non Major Elective II

 IV     Soft Skill II     

I       Core III: Data Structures

 II      Core IV: Java programming

 III     Core V: Computer Organization

 IV     Practical III: Data Structures using Java Lab

 V      Allied III: Financial Accounting

VI      Soft Skill III

VII     Environmental Studies

          I         Core VI: Open Source Technologies

          II       Core VII: Computer Network

          III      Core VIII : E-Commerce technologies

          IV      Practical IV : Open Source Technologies Lab

          V       Allied IV: Cost and Management Accounting

          VI      Soft Skill IV

          VII     Environmental Studies     

I        Core IX: Software Engineering

II       Core X : Operating System

III      Core XI: Relational Database Management System

 IV     Practical V: Operating System Lab

 V      Practical VI : PL/SQL Lab

 VI     Elective I

 VII   Value Education        

I        Core XII: Web Design and Development

 II      Core XIII: Data Mining

 III     Core XIV: Mobile Application Development

 IV     Practical VII: Mobile Application Development Lab

 V       Elective II

VI      Mini Project

VII     Extension Activities

Eligibility – BCA

Student who has studied Computer Science / Mathematics / Statistics / Business Maths in +2





Assistant Professor


Assistant Professor


Associate Professor



Admission Started

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