The Department of Hindi is a very active Department of Agarsen College. It has been in the forefront of various academic and cultural activities of Agarsen.

Our Department. has cultural committee, which is meant for encouraging the students to take part in extra-curricular activities and hold thought-provoking seminars from time to time. Students from various Colleges participate in the program organized by the Hindi Department. Prizes and certificates of merit are given away to the winners of various competitions in the annual function.

Our department has also collaborated with like-minded institutions like the Hindi Academy, UGC and others in jointly organizing seminars on the great poets and writers Hindi. They have been huge successes and won accolades from the academic community of other Colleges and Universities. We have also been inviting contemporary writers and poets to our Departmentt.

The Department has further plans to make itself more media oriented, in keeping with the times. Our Department is much better equipped to do this than any other Dept. As a number of faculty members are active in media and are much known throughout the length and breadth of the country.