Defence and Strategic Studies

About the course :

DSS is a unique course involving interdisciplinary approach in the areas of Military studies, Economics, History, Geography, Political science, International Relations, Defence Management to analyse national & international security issues.

DSS intends to equip the course participants with national and international security issues governing the security of the nation in the global, regional and Indian context. The course would further train the participants in developing a strong foundation in management and governance of the defence sector by drawing from experiences across the globe and comparing the same in Indian context. National defence is not only the responsibility of the armed forces but it is the responsibility of all the citizens of a nation. The aim of the defence studies is closely related to other spheres of life. Hence, the course will focus not only on the defence personnel of the country but will attract numerous students who can help in nation building and by engaging them in research related activities in defence and strategic studies.

Our college is one such institution which provides a diverse course on military studies.

Vision :

To impart professional knowledge and competence to students in the field of Defence Studies and National security.

To inculcate the idea of Nationalism and Nationhood among younger generations.

To build ethos in the young minds towards the service of the nation.

Mission :

To promote peace & tranquility in the nation by disseminating the knowledge on national security and it’s related issues.

To encourage younger generations to take up research in the field of Defence Studies & National security.

Eligibility : 10+2 (Any group Arts/Commerce/Science)


Duration : 3 years

Infrastructure :

Department is equipped with amenities such as Smart class system where students are provided with visual content regarding their subjects and are given the opportunity to be involved in discussions. The general library of the college provides various books related to our department and an environment to explore the subject which helps students in many ways.

Job Opportunities 

Law firms, Civil services,State Public service exams, Think tanks, Defence journalism, Private security, Industrial security, Intelligence, NGOs/IGOs, Officer in the Indian Police, Officer in the Indian Armed Forces & the Paramilitary, Consultant in Private Defence firms.

Recent move towards liberalisation and privatisation of defence industry also demands graduates from defence studies background . With an objective of bridging the gap between the defence industries  and defence studies, JHA Agarsen college intends to offer the participants best of defence studies.

Why DSS :


It explains the Defense planning scenarios in the country.

Discusses the Foreign policy of India in detail.