Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science Department
The Department of Computer Science was started in the year 2000 with only two courses namely B.Sc and BCA and with the student strength of 55. Now the strength is increased by more than 10 times having nearly 775. Then PG course M.Sc(IT) has been started in the year 2005.

Facilities :

  • Three well furnished computer laboratories with nearly 160 computers in local area network.
  • We have well equipped Digital Electronics and Microprocessor lab.

Activities :

  • The Department is functioning effectively in various activities in such as seminar, workshop, quiz, Recruitment coaching, examination preparation, Maintaining discipline through a systematic way for the improvement of students and the college. Facilities are much involved in all the activities.
  • Some of the student is working as part-time job in various companies.
  • The faculty of the department has attended the seminar cum workshop in various organisation.