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About Physical Education

Physical Education is an integral part of the education system. It aims at building a sound body, a sharp mind and a wholesome personality. It is essential for the cultivation of vitality, courage, self confidence, cooperativeness leadership, obedience, discipline and positive attitude towards life and the world. Physical education sports and out door activities develops in the student’s right attitude and values and helps them to grow into balanced, integrated and healthy citizens. The UNESCO charter on Physical Education and Sports (1978) has aptly prescribed the first article that participation in physical activities and sports is a fundamental right of every citizen.

The National Sports policy (1984) and the new education policy (1986) also emphasize the need for interaction of sports in the academic Programmes. It further lays down that sports and physical education are an integral part of the learning system and will be included in the evaluation of performance. One of the main theme of our college is to popularize fitness programme among students. To achieve these objectives, the programme of action is needed.

Our main aim is to produce players for University, State and Nation and make their future bright with sports quota appointment. We are proud that we are able to produce many players for the university and state, recently one of our students Mr.Yogesh won silver medal in All India Inter University Athletic Competition.

Our college gives a major thrust for this by extending full scholarship to those who excel in sports. More than 25 students in three years have benefited from this scheme and more than 50 students for past five years are getting partial scholarship.

We are giving equal emphasis for the women sports activities and made girl students participation as compulsory. As a result girl students are also able to shine at National level. Six of our girl students were selected for the national rugby competition and have bagged third place we are proud that our student was the captain of the winning team.

Our college also gives cash awards and presents sports kits to those who excel.